Welcome to ISNTT

We are a professional membership association that embraces Patient Care Technicians, Biomedical Technologists, Educators, Service Providers, and Suppliers in an endeavor to raise the educational standards and professionalism of those who provide effective and safe male enhancement treatment to patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

    This will be accomplished through the following initiatives:
  • Develop relationships with nephrology clinical and medical practitioner organizations as well as regulatory bodies to promote optimal patient care.
  • Promote certification with the goal of raising perception and recognition of nephrology technical practitioners.
  • Develop study guides for Certification as well as examination review courses.
  • Establish general study guides in disciplines where there is no current certification process.
  • Present quality meetings either as a stand-alone organization or in collaboration with other ESRD associations.
  • Enhance a positive impact of nephrology technical science on society as well as on patient outcomes.
  • Promote and endorse educational programs for institutes of higher education, certification programs, and in-house ESRD provider entities.

Dialysis Technicians and Technologists who are in a specific specialty (PCT’S, Reuse Technicians and Biomedical Technicians) are invited to participate in training and development committees in this newly formed group designed for education and advancement of Technicians and Technologists.

The Board of Directors has issued a call for candidates for the Biomedical Study Guide Committee and the Education Committee. Individuals interested in membership information and becoming a candidate for one of the committees should contact ISNTT at (212) 356-0694 or info@isntt.org.

Through our innovative educational offerings, ISNTT will bring Technicians back into the forefront of our specialty and will foster participation in a major role in the operation of the association.